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Can you name the Bionicle Heroes?

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Toa of Fire who carried a flame blade
Stubborn Toa of Ice who carried a sword and sheild
Spry and agile Toa of Air who carried an axe
Toa of Water who carried dual hooks
Toa of Stone who could kick objects a far distance
Toa of Earth who carries a pair of sharp claws
Best friends with Jaller and Toa of Light.
Toa of Fire who was put under pressure by his team
Toa of Water who carries two water axes
Shapeshifting Toa of Air
Braniac Toa of Ice
Stubborn Toa of Stone
Helpful and courageous Toa of Earth
Toa of Fire who handed out Toa stones
Toa of Magnetism who guarded Metru Nui
Toa Inika who sacrificed his life to save Mata Nui
Toa Inika of Fire and captain of the guard
Toa Inika of Water and Kolhii champion
Toa of Air and a former aide to Lewa
Toa Inika of Stone and Kohlii Champion
Toa of Earth who could fly for limited time
Toa of Iron/Life who donned the Mask of Life
Toa of Air and a sworn enemy of Karzahni
Glatorian who carries a trident
Glatorian of Jungle who carries a venom spear
Glatorian of Ice who carries ice blades
Glatorian of Fire who carries an enhanced flame blade
The Great Spirit himself

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