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Can you name the Weapons, characters, and maps of Black Ops Zombies?

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Original American Character
Original Russian Character
Original Japanese Character
Original German Character
'Five' Character (President)
'Five Character (secretary)
'Five' Character (other President)
'Five' Character (Cuban leader)
Call of the Dead Character Machete)
Call of the Dead Character (Walking Dead)
Call of the Dead Character (Freddy Krugar)
Call of the Dead Character (Buffy)
Dogs (Round)
Wonder Weapon (Der Riese only)
Wonder Weapon (Blows zombies away)
Wonder Weapon (Green/Red 'beams')
Wonder Weapon (Freezes Zombies)
Wonder Weapon (Call of the Dead only)
Wonder Weapon (attracts zombies)
Wonder Weapon (Black hole bomb)
Wonder Weapon (multiple bombs)
Monkeys (Round)
Power-ups (Kaboom!)
Power-ups (We're keeping score?)
Power-ups (More rounds!)
Power-ups (90 second gun)
Power-ups (Knife time!)
Power-ups (Bargain)
Power-ups (Huge Bargain)
Power-ups (Only on Ascension)
Perk-a-cola (faster reload)
Perk-a-cola (big explosion)
Perk-a-cola (faster bullets)
Perk-a-cola (faster sprint)
Perk-a-cola (faster revival)
Perk-a-cola (steady aim)
Perk-a-cola (increase health)
Enemy in Call of the Dead (the director)
950 point Random weapons
Sniper Rifle (Call of the Dead only)

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