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What is the Capital City of CanadaGeography
What are the two most valuable properties on Monopoly?Board/Card Games
Which City are The Beatles from?Music
Which Football team has won the most league titles in England?Sports
Where will the 2014 Commonwealth Games be held?Sports
What is the popular card game, 21, better known as?Board/Card Games
What is the best selling video game of all-time?Video Games
Where would you find Pennsylvania Station?Miscellaneous
If you asked for a 'Persian Apple' what fruit would you be asking for?Food
What is a Male Witch known as?Miscellaneous
Which TV Show contains the characters, Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney and RobinEntertainment
What does a Panophobe fear?Phobia
In which country would you find Sandy Row, The Falls and Shankill?Geography
Which English City is associated with Robin Hood?Miscellaneous
What is the name of the micro state found in the middle of Italy?Geography
What is the name of David Bowie's fictional alter-ego?Music
What is the best selling gaming console of all time?Video Games
The Sedin Twins play for which NHL team?Sports
In the popular NES game, Punch-Out, what was Vodka Drunkenski renamed to avoid controversy?Video Games
Before American involvement, what was the predecessor to The Manhattan Project called?History
Which former NHL team is featured in the Disney film, The Mighty Ducks?Entertainment
Name any one of the three European Football teams to have won the top division of another nation.Sports
Who is behind Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show?Entertainment
The Kingdom of Hyrule can be found in which series of games?Video Games
What does a Brannock Device measure?Miscellaneous
If someone suffers from Podophobia, what are they afraid of?Phobia
Which US State was home to the first ever Dunkin' Donuts?History
Why did the Spanish Paralympic Basketball team get disqualified from the 2000 Paralympic Games?Sports
Which English County is used as part of the name of one of Lewis Carroll's most famous characters?Literature
Which current US Sitcom is set in Pasadena, California?Entertainment

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