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Which team has won the most English Top Division Titles?
Which team has won the most Scottish Top Division Titles?
Which team has won the most Welsh Top Division Titles?
Which team has won the most Northern Irish Top Division Titles?
What year did Wales appear in their only World Cup to date?
Which English team is located closest to the River Mersey
Which legendary footballer was famously rejected by Glentoran as a boy?
Who was the first British Team to win the European Cup?
Which Liverpudlian has won the FA Cup for both Liverpool and Everton?
Where was England's first game outside of Britain?
Who were the last winners of the British Home Championship?
Which team started life as St. Domingo's FC?
Who are the oldest club in the Football League?
Which team was awarded the first ever penalty kick?
Who was the last English team to win the Welsh Cup?
Who won the very first English top division?
Which European giant's kit was inspired by a current League One team?
Which team was promoted from Division 4 to the top flight and back again in successive seasons?
Why did Sir Alex Ferguson unexpectedly manage Scotland at the 1986 World Cup?
What year did The FA Cup leave England for the first, and to date, only time?
Who is the oldest club in England?
Who is the oldest club in Scotland?
Who was the last club to break the Old Firm and win the title in Scotland?
Who was the last club to win The FA Cup despite not being in the top division?
Which unexpected club did Bayern Munich sign Dale Jennings from?
Which team has spent all but 6 years in the bottom tier of the Football League?
Who is the only team to be relegated whilst defending the top division title?
Who is the only Premier League player who's surname is also Roman Numerals?
When did England make their World Cup debut?
What did Manchester United give to Stockport County in return for Hugh McLenahan in 1927?
What unusual step did Salisbury City take in 1957 to try to halt a poor run of form?
How many times was the Scottish Cup game in 1979 between Falkirk and Inverness Thistle postponed before finally being played?
Who is the SPL's record goalscorer with 164?
Who is the Premier League's record goalscorer with 260 goals?
Name one of the five teams in the Football League that begin and end with the same letter...
Which football ground is at the highest altitude in the Football League?
Who are the current League of Wales Champions?
Who has played in The Premiership, Divisions 1, 2 & 3, The Conference, The Champions League and the UEFA cup?
Which former Premier League star has spent spells as manager of Celtic, Jamaica and Tranmere Rovers?
Who is the only player to score a hat-trick in the Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2, (or the divisions under their previous names), the League Cup, the FA Cup and for
Which other English team did David Beckham play for as well as Manchester United?
Who won the first ever FA Cup?
What was special about the 1884 FA Cup Final?
Who won the first ever Welsh Cup?
Who was Britain's first 2 million pound player?
Which team has a ground in two countries?
Outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh, name one of the two cities that host two teams in the Scottish Leagues (SPL-Div3)...
Excluding secondary names (United etc.) name one of the three teams in English and Scottish Football League's with 2 U's in their name...
Why was Northern Ireland's victory over Spain in the 1982 World Cup considered such a huge achievement?
Which English team has won more European Cups than they have top division titles?

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