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Which Celebrity does Stan try to set Steve up with?Pilot (S 1, Ep. 1)
What excuse does Steve give as to why the homeless wrestler can't give his name?Threat Levels (S 1, Ep. 2)
What colour does Hayley dye her hair?Stan Knows Best (S 1, Ep. 3)
Where does Francine go with Jeff?Francine's Flashback (S 1, Ep. 4)
What exhibit does Roger visit at the Smithsonian?Rodger Codger (S 1, Ep. 5)
Where is Stan's new neighbour, Bob Memmari, from?Homeland Insecurity (S1, Ep. 6)
What food does Betsy White's coach shout at her for having?Deacon Stan, Jesus Man (S1, Ep. 7)
What song does Deputy Director Bullock sing in the Smith's kitchen?Bullocks to Stan (S1, Ep. 8)
Name any of the sayings that Stan burns onto wood...A Smith in the hand (S1, Ep. 9)
When Stan takes Steve and his friends to the Yankees, what do they have under their jackets?All About Steve (S1, Ep. 10)
What is the name of the Old Woman Steve makes out with?Con Heir (S1, Ep. 11)
What does Stan call his second wife?Stan of Arabia: Part 1 (S1, Ep. 12)
What has Francine's cell-mate been in jail 23 years for?Stan of Arabia: Part 2 (S1, Ep. 13)
Why did Steve do to make Roger get revenge on him?Stannie get your gun (S 1, Ep. 14)
What was the name of Steve's book?Star Trek (S 1, Ep. 15)
How was 'Anne Flemming' killed?Not Particularly Desperate Housewives (S 1, Ep. 16)
Who does Roger team up with at work to beat Maria?Rough Trade (S 1, Ep. 17)
What does Francine want to open?Finances with Wolves (S 1, Ep. 18)
What get's dropped on Stan at his high-school Homecoming dance?It's Good to be The Queen (S 1, Ep. 19)
What does Stan's t-shirt say at the Bachelor party?Roger 'n' Me (S 1, Ep. 20)
What happens to Steve when he takes Steroids?Helping Handis (S 1, Ep. 21)
Which 'bro' is considered 'good for the house'?With Friends like Steve's (S 1, Ep. 22)
How does Francine break out of the handcuffs?Tears of a Clooney (S 1, Ep. 23)
What is set up so that Steve can win Mokeva back from the rebels?Camp Refoogee (S 2, Ep. 1)
How long does Steve have to ask out Debbie before his collar blows up?The American Dad After School Special (S 2, Ep. 2)
What does Stan pretend to do as part of his plan to get back at the car dealer?Failure is not a Factory-Installed option (S 2, Ep. 3)
What organization does Stan join?Lincoln Lover (S 2, Ep. 4)
What word kills Steve's character?Dungeons and Wagons (S 2, Ep. 5)
Who teaches Hayley and Ethan's class?Iced, Iced Babies (S 2, Ep. 6)
Who tells the story of the episode?Of Ice and Men (S 2, Ep. 7)
What job does Steve try to get in the episode?Irregarding Steve (S 2, Ep. 8)
Who voices, The Ghost of Christmas' Past?The Best Christmas story never (S 2, Ep. 9)
What does Roger want to use the Bin-Laden reward money to buy?Bush Comes to Dinner (S 2, Ep. 10)
What is Steve's band originally called before Roger kicks him out?American Dream Factory (S 2, Ep. 11)
What do Stan and Francine want to stop being discotinued?A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial (S 2, Ep. 12)
Where does Steve publish an article, The Truth about Peanut Buter?Black Mystery Month (S 2, Ep. 13)
What show can't Roger watch without blended drinks?An Apocalypse to Remember (S 2, Ep. 14)
What does Stan hate hearing Francine say?Four Little Words (S 2, Ep. 15)
What is Francine on the cover of?When a Stan love a woman (S 2, Ep. 16)
Why can't Stan have God's autograph?I Can't Stan you (S 2, Ep. 17)
What website does Roger want a T-Shirt from?The Magnificent Steven (S 2, Ep. 18)
What band does Stan like that makes him realise he is high?Joint Custody (S 2, Ep. 19)
Which College American Football team does Stan support?The Vacation Goo (S 3, Ep. 1)
Who buys Roger's painting of Hayley naked?Meter Made (S 3, Ep. 2)
Where does Steve believe he is going everyday?Dope & Faith (S 3, Ep. 3)
What is Francine's biological parent's surname?Big Trouble in Little Langley (S 3, Ep. 4)
What does Hayley inadvertantly do in her sleep?Haylias (S 3, Ep. 5)
What is the name of the friend that Stan kills?42-Year-Old Virgin (S 3, Ep. 6)
What do Roger and Steve put Klaus on?Surro-Gate (S 3, Ep. 7)
Where was Hayley born?The Most adequate Christmas Ever (S 3, Ep. 8)
What makes Roger almost die?Frannie 911 (S 3, Ep. 9)
What is Tearjerker's film called?Tearjerker (S 3, Ep. 10)
What does Steve catch from Klaus?Oedipal Panties (S 3, Ep. 11)
What does Hayley kill that upsets Steve?Widowmaker (S 3, Ep. 12)
What nationality do Roger and Klaus pretend to be?Red October Sky (S 3, Ep. 13)
What does Roger call himself when he is 'working' for the CIA?Office Spaceman (S 3, Ep. 14)
How much money does Roger make from his Sexual Harrassment claim?Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold (S 3, Ep. 15)
Where does Roger initially claim he lived with Carmen Selectra?Spring Break-Up (S 3, Ep. 16)
What does Steve show off to the family?1,600 Candles (S 4, Ep. 1)
What game do the Smith's get addicted to?The One that got away (S 4, Ep. 2)
What does Stan claim tosses salad in the executive lounge?One Little Word (S 4, Ep. 3)
Who was Francine engaged to, before Stan?Choosy Wives Choose Smith (S 4, Ep. 4)
Who actually made up the joke about Debbie?Escape from Pearl Bailey (S 4, Ep. 5)
Who is Francine's second pile of vomit for?Pulling Double Booty (S 4, Ep. 6)
Who is the Phantom?Phantom of the Telethon (S 4, Ep. 7)
What does Steve learn about Stan?Chimdale (S 4, Ep. 8)
What game does Stan get addicted to?Stan Time (S 4, Ep. 9)
What is the name of the Koala who is introduced?Family Affair (S 4, Ep. 10)
Who did Klaus owe a fortune to?Live and Let Fry (S 4, Ep. 11)
Which musician does Roger dance to under the lamp-post?Roy Rogers McFreely (S 4, Ep. 12)
What does Stan learn to do at the end of the episode?Jack's Back (S 4, Ep. 13)
What is the theme of Snot's Bar Mitzvah?Bar Mitzvah Hustle (S 4, Ep. 14)
Who is Stan's back-up wife?Wife Insurance (S 4, Ep. 15)
Which 'filthy punk' freaks Roger's mind?Delorean Story-an (S 4, Ep. 16)
Who is Carlotta Monterrey?Every Which Way but Lose (S 4, Ep. 17)
What is Stan allergic to?Wiener of Our discontent (S 4, Ep. 18)
What team is honouring Tank Bates?Daddy Queerest (S 4, Ep. 19)
What is on Dick's mug?Stan's Night Out (S 4, Ep. 20)
What does Stan make Steve re-enact?In Country...Club (S 5, Ep. 1)
What does Roger rename, Isla Island?Moon Over Isla Island (S 5, Ep. 2)
Who steals the drone from the repair shop?Home Adrone (S 5, Ep. 3)
Who's mind do Stan and Francine enter?Brains, Brains and Automobiles (S 5, Ep. 4)
Which Celebrity is in prison with Stan?Man in the Moonbounce (S 5, Ep. 5)
Where do Stan and Francine finally renew their vows?Shallow Vows (S 5, Ep. 6)
What magazine do Stan and Roger pretend to be reporters for?My Morning Straitjacket (S 5, Ep. 7)
Which Scrubs character makes an appearances in the episode?G-String Circus (S 5, Ep. 8)
Who does Francine leave Stan for?Rapture's Delight (S 5, Ep. 9)
What is the name of the horse that Stan switches brains with?Don't Look a Smith Horse in the mouth (S 5, Ep. 10)
What does Stan mistake Crack for?A Jones for a Smith (S 5, Ep. 11)
Which two nations has America been taken over by?May the best Stan win (S 5, Ep. 12)
What did Roger win a Gold Medal in?The Return of the Bling (S 5, Ep. 13)
What is the name of the crooked cop Roger befriends?Cops and Rodger (S 5, Ep. 14)
What makes Steve believe he is in a lucid dream?Merlot Down Dirty Shame (S 5, Ep. 15)
Who smashes into Stan's car?Bully for Steve (S 5, Ep. 16)
Who does Stan want to embarrass in the pool?An Incident at Owl Creek (S 5, Ep. 17)
What Sponsors the CIA?Great Space Roaster (S 5, Ep. 18)
Who claims the money awarded to whoever can stop Hayley and Jeff getting married?100 A.D. (S 6, Ep. 1)
What is the name of Steve's clone?Son of Stan (S 6, Ep. 2)
Who kills the serial killers?Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls (S 6, Ep. 3)
Who does Ashley acuse Snot of raping?Stan's Food Restaurant (S 6, Ep. 4)
What does Francine tour as?White Rice (S 6, Ep. 5)
Where did Stan lose $20,000?There will be Bad Blood (S6, Ep. 6)
What does Jeff need to stop him masturbating?The People vs. Martin Sugar (S 6, Ep. 7)
Who does Steve accidentally shoot?For Whom the Sleigh Bell tolls (S 6, Ep. 8)
Who is the girl in the painting?Fartbreak Hotel (S 6, Ep. 9)
What are the over-active young couple called?Stanny-Boy and Frantastic (S 6, Ep. 10)
What is the black kid called who sent the mysterious e-mail?A PiƱata Named Desire (S 6, Ep. 11)
Who does Stan replace Roger with?You debt your life (S 6, Ep. 12)
Who hosts the Marriage Counseling session?I Am the Walrus (S 6, Ep. 13)
What is different about the gang Steve joins?School Lies (S 6, Ep. 14)
What does Steve use to drive the Cool kids about?Licence to Till (S 6, Ep. 15)
Where is Roger's character, Jenny, meant to be from?Jenny Fromdabloc (S 6, Ep. 16)
What does Principal Lewis knock out of Barry's hand?Home Wrecker (S 6, Ep. 17)
What does Lorraine throw at Francine?Flirting with Disaster (S 6, Ep. 18)
What is the name of the Gorilla that holds Steve captive?Gorillas in the Mist (S 6, Ep. 19)
Who voices the hot-tub?Hot Water (S 7, Ep. 1)
Who does Stan meet at the end of the Episode?Hurricane! (S 7, Ep. 2)
How long does it take Stan and Francine to use every ride?A Ward Show (S 7, Ep. 3)
What magical item of clothing does Roger get?The Worst Stan (S 7, Ep. 4)
What is Stan's avatar called?Virtual In-Stanity (S 7, Ep .5)
Who steals the lucky panties off Steve?The Scarlett Getter (S 7, Ep. 6)
Who does Nemo get sent to be raised by?Season's Beatings (S 7, Ep. 7)
Who is Dr. Vadgers?The Unbrave One (S 7, Ep. 8)
Who is Stan's hero?Stanny Tendergrass (S 7, Ep. 9)
What does Klaus want to get uploaded to?Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key (S 7, Ep. 10)
What must Stan climb to break the curseOld Stan in the Mountain (S 7, Ep. 11)
Who looks like taking Stan's wrestling record?The Wrestler (S 7, Ep. 12)
Where does Roger get sent?Dr. Klaustus (S 7, Ep. 13)
What is the name of the dog?Stan's best friend (S 7, Ep. 14)
What do Roger and Steve take to Las Vegas?Less Money, Mo' Problems (S 7, Ep. 15)
Who needs a new kidney?The Kidney stays in the picture (S 7, Ep. 16)
What does Tungee call Stan and Francine?Ricky Spanish (S 7, Ep. 17)
Where does Stan take Steve?Toy Whorey (S 7, Ep. 18)
What show does Jeff appear on?Love, American Dad Style (S 8, Ep. 1)
What is Roger's made up husband called?Killer Vacation (S 8, Ep. 2)
What does Francine bring to the Chill House that Dick shoots?Can I Be Frank (With You) (S 8, Ep. 3)

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