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Can you name the characters and plot details from Great Expectations?

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DescriptionCharacter/Plot Detail
the old woman who was left at the alter when she was younger
Pip's 'guardian' while he is in London, also a friend of Miss Havisham
the item of clothing Miss Havisham chooses to wear around the house
a poor English boy who dreams of becoming a gentleman
Herbert's dream job
adopted and brought up to 'break mens' hearts'
what Pip aspires to be in order to impress Estella
where Pip lives while for the majority of the novel
Pip looks down on this former role model once he becomes rich
Joe's second wife
Pip's secret benefactor
Jagger's compulsive habit
the greedy relative who takes credit for all of Pip's good fortunes
DescriptionCharacter/Plot Detail
the pale young gentleman; later Pip's best friend
Jaggers' secretary
Herbert's nickname for Pip
the occupation Pip is an apprentice for
the man who kills Mrs. Joe
a wealthy convict who partners with Magwitch; also left Miss Havisham at the alter
the man who ends up marrying Estella
the blacksmith's wife
where Estella and Miss Havisham live
the time all the clocks in Miss Havisham's house were set to
Magwitch's original identifier when Pip meets him as a child
who Wemmick takes care of at home

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