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Alien from the Planet Ork. Sent to Earth to observe typical Earthling BehaviorsRobin Williams
Earth Woman who becomes Mork's guide, best friend, girlfriend, and wife.Pam Dawber
Mindy's Cousin who wants to become a Politician. His slogan is: 'Win With _______!'Jim Staahl
Eccentric Man who is often observed talking to his imaginary companians, Pepe and Rocco.Robert Donner
Man from NYC who runs the New York Deli with his sister.Jay Thomas
Woman from NYC who runs the New York Deli with her brotherGina Hecht
Mork and Mindy's downstairs neighbor, who writes greeting cards for a living.Tom Poston
Mindy's friend; a wealthy young widow.Crissy Wilzak
Mindy's father. Orchestra conducter and owner of a music store.Conrad Janis
Mindy's grandmother. She owns the music store with Mindy's father.Elizabeth Kerr
Son of Mork and MindyJonathan Winters
Mork's Superior from Ork. Mork sends him a weekly report at the end of every show.Ralph James (Voice)

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