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Leader of the FF, Sue's husband.
Pilot of the expiremental rocket, has a blind girlfriend.
Youngest of the FF, has an inhuman girlfriend.
Only female member of the FF
Blind, good-hearted, granddaughter of the Puppet Master.
Former Herald of Galactus
The Living Planet
Devourer of Worlds
Ruler of a subterranian world
Once battled the thing, appeared in one or two episodes
Inhuman that was trapped in a negative barrier, sister of Medusa.
Leader of the Inhumans
Giant Teleporting Dog
Beautiful, long-haired inhuman
Moustached inventor that wears a purple suit
Ruler of an undersea kingdom
Ex-ruler of the Inhumans, created the negative barrier
Arch enemy of the FF, went to school with reed richards.
Inhuman who came to fetch medusa in part two of the inhumans saga.
Inhuman who can find the weakest point in any object
Recieved a blood transplant from Bruce Banner, her cousin. Turned into a monster at the hospital.
Humanoid Expirimental B-type Integrated Electronics
A skrull, genetically altered to posess all of the powers of the FF.
An inhuman that used to only be able to live in water. Later, he was altered by Maximus to be able to live on land.
Young son of Mr.Fantastic and Sue Storm

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