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Can you name the Breaking Bad Deaths Seasons 1-5?

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Cause of DeathCasualty
Poisoned by phosphine gas created by mixing red phosphorus with hot water.
Strangled to death with a bike lock.
Beaten to death by Tuco.
Crushed by a settling car in a junkyard.
Shot in the head during a shootout by Hank.
Head crushed with an ATM.
Shot by a young gang member.
Choked on her own vomit.
Shot once in the head and another poisoned with an unknown substance.
Shot repeatedly in his home (ordered by Gus).
Shot and killed supposedly by Gus' direction.
Run over by Walt and shot once in the head.
Shot once in the head by Jesse.
Throat sliced open by a boxcutter.
Shot by Hector Salamanca.
Poisoned by tequila.
Blown up by pipe bomb on his chair.
Cause of DeathCasualty
Blown up by pipe bomb explosion.
Right side of face blown off by pipe bomb explosion.
Committed suicide with a defibrillator.
Shot in the head by Chris.
Shot by Mike.
Shot by Todd.
Shot in the gut by Walt.
Set on fire.
Shot by Uncle Jack (as per Lydia's request)
Shot in shootout by Uncle Jack and White Supremacist Gang
Shot once in the head by Uncle Jack.
Shot once in the head by Todd.
Shot to death by remote-activated M60 machine gun.
Choked to death with a chain by Jesse.
Shot in the head by Walter.
Poisoned with ricin in her Stevia packet.
Shot by his own M60, bleeds to death, in the place where he felt most at home; the lab.

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