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(For the next 6) Insert the same pair of letters into the blanks to form a common, uncapitalized English word. EXAMPLE: ET fills in the blanks _ _ IQU _ _ TE. 1. _ _ I S S _ _ O_ _1/31/10
2. _ _ S T E R _ _ A R1/31/10
3. _ _ M U L _ _ O U S1/31/10
4. _ _ O I L _ _ O R T1/31/10
5. _ _ C H O R M _ _1/31/10
6. _ _ N _ _ V I T I S1/31/10
Fill in the blanks with consonants to complete the 13-letter word: _ I _ _ O O _ _ A _ I _ _1/24/10
In any leap year, the calendar for January is always identical to the calendar for which later month that same year?1/10/10
On what calendar date in 2010 will this year be 300,000 minutes old?1/2/10
The initials of a famous honored American form a sequence of four adjacent letters in reverse alphabetical order. Who is this person?1/18/10

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