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Can you name the rungs in this giant word ladder about a bad day at the beach?

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I went to the beach for the Fourth of ____1
She went with me, in disguise, with glasses2
On the way we sang Hey ____3
[Rung 2]'s swimsuit was this color4
The swimsuit was ____ in Vietnam5
I didn't wear a bikini because I am ____6
I carried all the gear like a pack ____7
UK's best selling single 1977-1984 '____ of Kintyre'8
Plenty of sea____s were on the beach9
We went to the east coast, not the ____ of Mexico10
We passed by several ____ courses on the way11
The Spanish came to this area in search of ____12
I jumped in the ocean but it was too ____13
Can you feed the [Rung 9]s bread with ____?14
I was still in a pretty good ____ at this point15
Imaginary Trivial Pursuit answer reads ____s16
During lunch I was covered in [Rung 9] ____17
We should have gone to the ____ instead18
Next time we'll put it to a vote with a straw ____19
Federal ____ Grant20
My [Rung 38] skin started to [Rung 21] because of the [Rung 48]21
Bells do this when the pope is elected22
The ocean was this color23
[Rung 26] I come back? Time will [Rung 24]24
With the sun and waves, I wasn't feeling ____25
[Rung 26] I come back? Time will [Rung 24]26
____ E. Coyote27
I used my beach towel to [Rung 28] the [Rung 9] [Rung 17]28
[Rung 2], my ____, might divorce me after this awful day29
The [Rung 30]guard had to throw me the [Rung 30][Rung 34]30
I could barely ____ my arms out in the rough [Rung 54]31
I can't believe sunblock was not on my check____32
____ we forget33
The [rung 30]guard had to throw me the [Rung 30][Rung 34]34
Sorry, ____ing too much?35
This word ladder is a way for me to get rid of my ____ up anger.36
We wanted to head to the [Rung 60] for a ____37
My [Rung 38] skin started to [Rung 21] because of the [Rung 48]38
Some [Rung 39] kicked [Rung 42] in my face39
My hopes for a fun day were ____40
I tried to skip a stone in the water, but it ____41
Some [Rung 39] kicked [Rung 42] in my face42
I needed a helping ____43
Vacation isn't supposed to be this ____44
What the herald angels sing45
No dogs allowed? We can hear them ____46
Rural political campaigns: ____storming47
My [Rung 38] skin started to [Rung 21] because of the [Rung 48]48
Byrds song: [Rung 49]! [Rung 49]! [Rung 49]!49
Obligatory word ladder bird50
Loud beachgoers were in this age group51
Plenty of shops on the boardwalk sell these52
Not many ladies sit on the beach to sip their afternoon ____53
I'm not cut out for life on the open ____54
Inland and I are like ____ and carrots55
Obligatory word ladder moss56
The shampoo I used when washing out the [Rung 42]57
What Moses did to the [Rung 54]58
We played mini golf; I shot mostly ____59
I prefer the kind with a [Rung 37] to the kind made of [Rung 42]60

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