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QUIZ: Can you name the unique units across the Civilization series (includes expansions and DLC)?

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CivilizationUnitReplacement of
AmericaJet Fighter (III)
AmericaMarine (IV)
AmericaMusketman (V)
AmericaBomber (V)
AmericaFighter (VI)
AmericaCavalry (VI)
ArabiaKnight (III)
ArabiaKnight (IV-V)
ArabiaKnight (VI)
AssyriaCatapult (V)
AustraliaInfantry (VI)
AustriaCavalry (V)
AztecsWarrior (III,V) or Swordsman (IV)
AztecsWarrior (VI)
BabylonArcher (III-V)
BrazilInfantry (V)
BrazilBattleship (VI)
Byzantine EmpireGalley (III) or Trireme (V)
Byzantine EmpireKnight (IV) or Horseman (V)
CarthageSpearman (III)
CarthageHorse Archer (IV)
CarthageTrireme (V)
CarthageHorseman (V)
CeltsSwordsman (III-IV)
CeltsSpearman (V)
ChinaKnight (III)
ChinaCrossbowman (IV-V)
ChinaCrossbowman (VI)
DenmarkLongswordsman V)
DenmarkRifleman (V)
EgyptChariot (III-IV) or Chariot Archer (V)
EgyptHeavy Chariot (VI)
EnglandFrigate (III)
EnglandRifleman (IV) or a leader bonus (VI)
EnglandCrossbowman (V)
EnglandFrigate (V)
EnglandPrivateer (VI)
CivilizationUnitReplacement of
EthiopiaMusketman (IV)
EthiopiaRifleman (V)
FranceMusketman (III-V)
FranceGreat War Infantry (V-- not unique in BNW expansion)
FranceBonus unit (VI)
GermanyTank (III-V)
GermanyPikeman (V-- not unique in BNW expansion)
GermanySubmarine (VI)
GreeceSpearman (III, V-VI)
GreeceSpearman (IV)
GreeceHorseman (V)
HittitesChariot (III)
Holy Roman EmpirePikeman (IV)
HunsSpearman (V)
HunsChariot Archer (V)
IncaScout (III)
IncaWarrior (IV)
IncaArcher (V)
IndiaKnight (III) or Chariot Archer (V)
IndiaWorker (IV)
IndiaBonus unit (VI)
IndonesiaSwordsman (V)
IndonesiaFrigate (VI)
IroquoisHorseman (III)
IroquoisSwordsman (V)
JapanKnight (III), Maceman (IV), Longswordsman (V), or bonus unit (VI)
JapanFighter (V)
KhmerWar Elephant (IV)
KhmerBonus (VI)
KongoSwordsman (VI)
KoreaCannon (III), Catapult (IV) or Trebuchet (V)
KoreaCaravel (V)
MacedonSwordsman (VI)
MacedonLeader bonus (VI)
MaliArcher (IV)
MayaArcher (III, V)
MayaSpearman (IV)
CivilizationUnitReplacement of
MongolsKnight (III, V) or Horse Archer (IV)
MongolsGreat General (V)
MoroccoCavalry (V)
Native AmericansAxeman (IV)
NetherlandsPikeman (III)
NetherlandsGalleon (IV)
NetherlandsPrivateer (V)
NorwayBonus unit (VI)
NorwayLeader bonus (VI)
NubiaArcher (VI)
Ottoman EmpireCavalry (III) or Lancer (V)
Ottoman EmpireMusketman (IV-V)
PersiaSwordsman (III, VI), Chariot (IV) or Spearman (V)
PolandLancer (V) or Bonus unit (VI)
PolynesiaWarrior (V)
PortugalCaravel (III-IV)
PortugalCaravel (V)
RomeSwordsman (III, V-VI)
RomeSwordsman (IV)
RomeCatapult (V)
RussiaCavalry (III-VI)
ScythiaBonus unit (VI)
ShoshoneScout (V)
ShoshoneCavalry (V)
SiamKnight (V)
SonghaiKnight (V)
SpainExplorer (III), Knight (IV-V) or Musketman (VI)
SpainMusketman (V)
SumerWarrior (III)
SumerAxeman (IV)
SumerBonus unit (VI)
SwedenLancer (V)
SwedenRifleman (V)
VeniceGalleass (V)
VeniceGreat Merchant (V)
VikingsLongbowman (III) or Maceman (IV)
ZuluSpearman (III-IV) or Pikeman (V)

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