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Can you name the facts about the city of Denver?

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Capital of which state 
City Nickname 
Major newspaper 
Current mayor 
Time Zone 
Nearest Mountain Range 
Tallest mountain visible from Denver 
2nd biggest city in the Metro Area 
Name the North-South or East-West interstates that intersect in Denver 
What Denver road is the longest continuous street in the US? 
Per treaty, what Native American tribe owned the land on which white settlers founded Denver in 1858? 
What were the original settlers of Denver searching for? 
In 1976, Denver was the first city ever to turn down the opportunity to host what? 
What political party has every mayor of Denver been affiliated with since 1963? 
What famous architect designed the 16th Street Mall? 
Who wrote the Colorado outdoor anthem 'Rocky Mountain High'? 
What English rock band played their first North American concert in Denver in 1968? 
What open-air concert venue draws its famous acoustics from its natural stone surroundings? 
What Denver resident invented the national image of the Wild West through his entertainment shows? 
What type of building was the first permanent structure in Denver? 
The construction of what building used up the entire world's supply of Colorado Rose Onyx? 
Denver manufactures more of what beverage than any other US city? 
Denver's downtown NE/SW - SE/NW street grid aids in snow removal by allowing all streets access to what? 
What is the local nickname for the eerie Blue Mustang sculpture near the Denver International Airport? 
'The sun shines in Denver 300 days a year' uses a standard of how many hours of sunshine a day? 

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