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Can you name the 5-letter words in this Watership Down themed literary word ladder?

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Chief Rabbit on Watership Down
'The Lords of Discipline' cadre does this to plebes
Branko Milanovic: 'The _____ and the Have-Nots'
Teen's allergic reaction to females in 'Girls Bravo'
Terry Pratchett's swarming thought-monster
Undersized prophetic rabbit
Gatsby enjoys these things in life
You may owe these for overdue library books
Butcher series 'The Dresden _____'
Hazel does this to tunnels when under attack
Snelling's equine 'Golden _____' collection
What Erasmus praises
Surviving Owsla Captain from the old warren
How George Weasley felt with his ear severed
Alex, author of 'Roots' and 'Queen'
'Boss': biography of this Chicago mayor
'The Outsiders' greaser, short for a city in Texas
'This isn't sharp,' Tom Swift said _____.
Game of Thrones, Catelyn Stark's maiden name
What Brits watch when their books are boring
William of apple-shooting fame and his family
Hunter S. Thompson wrote about these Angels
Hazel does this to wounds by licking them
Dr. Seuss: 'Horton _____ a Who!'
With Roebuck, famous for his catalog
Blackavar bears these marks on his ears
Stephen King's intention
Near-death trap experience for Bigwig
Sleeping Beauty may have made this noise
Chocolate marshmallow campfire-story snack
Romeo and Juliet's passion, Italian-style
Lessing novella, renamed for the 2013 movie
Shining Wire warren artists do this to their walls
Common-folk rabbit named after a nut
A literary critic's weapon
'_____ and shaven', the crest of Poe's Raven
With 'Buck,' a strong and reliable rabbit
Rabbit-speak for 'frozen with fear'

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