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Can you name the 4-Letter Words in this Football (Soccer) themed Word Ladder?

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To fail miserably in the theater
To move one's wings
Partner of 'Flim'
Voluptuous beauty (short form)
One thousandth of a kilogram
Sinister and ghastly, as a Reaper
To hold tightly
Short voyage
To catch by trickery (or cheese?)
Pair of oxen
Line formed by sewing together cloth
Type of marine carnivore
To exchange a product for money
Person's complete individuality
Feudal peasant
To randomly search the internet
Painful wound
Was dressed in
Spun a web
To gesture hello or goodbye
Merchandise for sale
Barbed metal used in a fence
Male parent
Walter Scott and Elton John, e.g.
Computer game characters acting out daily lives
Focuses on a target
Linkletter and Garfunkel, e.g.
Hill-dwelling insects
Poker player's initial contribution
One mountain in South American range?
Personal assistant
To put in a secret place
Long walk in the woods
To grow fond of
Victoria or Salt, e.g.
Opposite of 'give'
Bedtime story involving fairies
Not short
Payment for using a road
Hammer or chisel, e.g.

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