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Can you choose which character belongs with each title? (Enter A or B)

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ClueAnswerA or B?
Masters of the Universe(A) Shredder -or-
(B) Skeletor
Animal Farm(A) Snowball -or-
(B) Bigwig
The Legend of Zelda(A) Ganondorf -or-
(B) Gandalf
Final Fantasy VII(A) Cloud Strife -or-
(B) Fox McCloud
Finding Nemo(A) Dory -or-
(B) Dori
Once Upon a Time(A) Emma Swan -or-
(B) Bella Swan
The Smurfs(A) Goneril -or-
(B) Gargamel
Mortal Kombat(A) Wang Lung -or-
(B) Liu Kang
Psycho(A) Patrick Bateman -or-
(B) Norman Bates
Mad Men(A) Peggy Hill -or-
(B) Peggy Olson
ClueAnswerA or B?
The Simpsons(A) Snake Plissken -or-
(B) Snake Jailbird
Iron Man(A) Robb Stark -or-
(B) Tony Stark
Cars(A) Ford Prefect -or-
(B) Lightning McQueen
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(A) Charlie Harper -or-
(B) Charlie Kelly
24(A) Jack Bauer -or-
(B) Jack Ryan
Quantum Leap(A) Sam Beckett -or-
(B) Sam Malone
That '70s Show(A) Kitty Forman -or-
(B) Kitty Pryde
Parks and Recreation(A) Ron Burgundy -or-
(B) Ron Swanson
Archer(A) Lana Lang -or-
(B) Lana Kane
Orange is the New Black(A) Piper Chapman -or-
(B) Piper Halliwell

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