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Can you pick which actor was younger? (Enter A or B)

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Option (A)AnswerOption (B)
Kirsten Dunst in
'Interview With the Vampire'
Linda Blair in
'The Exorcist'
Sharon Stone in
'Basic Instinct'
Glenn Close in
'Fatal Attraction'
Tom Guiry in
'The Sandlot'
Edward Furlong in
'Terminator 2'
John Cusack in
'Say Anything'
Christian Slater in
'Pump Up the Volume'
Carrie Fisher in
'Star Wars'
Julia Roberts in
'Pretty Woman'
Sissy Spacek in
Neve Campbell in
John Travolta in
Kevin Bacon in
George Burns in
'The Sunshine Boys'
Clint Eastwood in
'Gran Torino'
Juliette Lewis in
'Natural Born Killers'
Angelina Jolie in
'Girl, Interrupted'
Cuba Gooding Jr. in
'Boyz N the Hood'
Tyrin Turner in
'Menace II Society'
Peter Billingsley in
'A Christmas Story'
Macaulay Culkin in
'Home Alone'
Jason Biggs in
'American Pie'
John Belushi in
'Animal House'
Option (A)AnswerOption (B)
Matthew McConaughey in
'Dazed and Confused'
Sean Penn in
'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'
Rob Lowe in
'The Outsiders'
James Dean in
'Rebel Without a Cause'
Abigail Breslin in
'Little Miss Sunshine'
Dakota Fanning in
'I Am Sam'
Ethan Hawke in
'Dead Poets Society'
Kiefer Sutherland in
Ralph Macchio in
'The Karate Kid'
Lou Diamond Phillips in
'La Bamba'
George C. Scott in
Liam Neeson in
'Schindler's List'
Heath Ledger in
'Brokeback Mountain'
James Franco in
Richard Dreyfuss in
Bill Murray in
Gregory Peck in
'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Henry Fonda in
'12 Angry Men'
Tommy Lee Jones in
'No Country For Old Men'
Jack Nicholson in
'As Good As It Gets'
Jodie Foster in
'The Silence of the Lambs'
Sigourney Weaver in
Michael J. Fox in
'Back to the Future'
Tobey Maguire in

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