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Can you figure out the answers based on the overlapping clues? Careful, some answers overlap in the middle of a word.

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Simpsons CharacterCombined Answer15-Category Clues
School bus driver named after an empire(Entertainment) Musical about a female sharpshooter
His cat's breath smells like cat food(Gaming) Sweet peaks of Candy Land
Everything's coming up him(Geography) Guided Edmund Hillary up Mt. Everest
Diddly(History) CNN news anchor 360
Worst. Episode. Ever.(Holiday) When the British remember the 5th of November
The good doctor(Just For Fun) Orange and yellow Muppet BFFs
Lisa's oral-hygiene-deprived sax mentor(Language) 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.'
Won't somebody think of the children?(Literature) Amy Tan novel
Krusty's bone-headed assistant(Miscellaneous) Utensil for creating spheres of fruit
Incessant robber of the Kwik-E-Mart(Movies) Canary-loving prisoner movie
Incessantly robbed at the Kwik-E-Mart(Music) Willie Nelson traveling song
'Seymour! Your feelings are ugly and wrong!'(Religion) Calm state of mind achieved through meditation
Genius inventor, glayvin!(Science) Rorschach's personality exam
Beer mascot with a pelvic thrust(Sports) Club with the most Premier League titles
Brilliantly incompetent at killing Bart(Television) Animated show about the Belcher family restaurant

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