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YearMovieDirector; Star
1973Gordon Hessler; John Philip Law
1974/1975Michael Anderson; Ron Ely
1976Pierre Tchernia; Michel Serrault
1977Carl Reiner; George Burns
1978Warren Beatty and Buck Henry; Warren Beatty
1979James Frawley; Jim Henson
1980Jeannot Szwarc; Christopher Reeve
1981Steven Spielberg; Harrison Ford
1982Jim Henson and Frank Oz; Stephen Garlick
1983Jack Clayton; Jason Robards
1984Ivan Reitman; Bill Murray
1985Richard Donner; Michelle Pfieffer
1986Nick Castle; Jay Underwood
1987Rob Reiner; Cary Elwes
1988Robert Zemeckis; Bob Hoskins
1989/1990Jerry Zucker; Patrick Swayze
1991Tim Burton; Johnny Depp
1992Ron Clements and John Musker; Scott Weinger
1993Henry Selick; Chris Sarandon
1994Robert Zemeckis; Tom Hanks
YearMovieDirector; Star
1995George Miller; Christine Cavanaugh
1996Rob Cohen; Dennis Quaid
1997Jay Roach; Mike Myers
1998Peter Weir; Jim Carrey
1999Spike Jonze; John Cusack
2000Gregory Hoblit; Dennis Quaid
2001Peter Jackson; Elijah Wood
2002Peter Jackson; Elijah Wood
2003Peter Jackson; Elijah Wood
2004Sam Raimi; Tobey Maguire
2005Christopher Nolan; Christian Bale
2006Bryan Singer; Brandon Routh
2007Kevin Lima; Amy Adams
2008David Fincher; Brad Pitt
2009Zack Snyder; Malin Akerman
2010Tim Burton; Mia Wasikowska
2011David Yates; Daniel Radcliffe
2012Ang Lee; Suraj Sharma
2013Spike Jonze; Joaquin Phoenix
2014Peter Jackson; Martin Freeman

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