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Yearfilmdirector and one actor
1994Quentin Tarantino; John Travolta
1995Bryan Singer; Kevin Spacey
1996Joel Coen; Frances McDormand
1997Curtis Hanson; Kevin Spacey
1998Steven Spielberg; Tom Hanks
1999Frank Darabont; Tom Hanks
2000Ang Lee; Chow-yun Fat
2001Christopher Nolan; Guy Pearce
2002Sam Mendes; Tom Hanks
2003Quentin Tarantino; Uma Thurman
2004Quentin Tarantino; Uma Thurman
Yearfilmdirector and one actor
2005Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller; Bruce Willis
2006Martin Campbell; Daniel Craig
2007Zack Snyder; Gerard Butler
2008Christopher Nolan; Heath Ledger
2009Quentin Tarantino; Brad Pitt
2010Phillip Noyce; Angelina Jolie
2011Brad Bird; Tom Cruise
2012Sam Mendes; Daniel Craig
2013Justin Lin; Paul Walker
2014Angelina Jolie; Jack O'Connell

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