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GenreBandSong Title
Early MetalSunshine of Your Love
Early MetalPurple Haze
Early MetalSummertime Blues
Early MetalSmoke on the Water
Early MetalBlack Dog
Early MetalRamblin' Rose
Early MetalMississippi Queen
Early MetalI Wanna be your Dog
Early MetalWar Pigs
Shock RockFire
Shock RockPoison
Shock RockLooking for a Kiss
Shock RockRock and Roll All Night
Shock RockI Don't Wanna Stop
Shock RockWild Child
Progressive MetalJuly Morning
Progressive MetalTom Sawyer
Progressive MetalTake Hold of the Flame
Progressive MetalEdge of Thorns
Progressive MetalEye to Eye
Progressive MetalKilling Technology
Progressive MetalPull Me Under
Progressive MetalRational Gaze
Progressive MetalSet the World on Fire
Progressive MetalBroken Wings
Glam MetalFar Far Away
Glam MetalFox on the Run
Glam MetalTragedy
Glam MetalGirls Girls Girls
Glam MetalI Wanna Rock
Glam MetalEvery Rose has its Thorn
Glam MetalNobody's Fool
Glam MetalI Remember You
Original Hard RockWhiskey in the Jar
Original Hard RockGodzilla
Original Hard RockCrazy
Original Hard RockStranglehold
Early PunkBaby I Love You
Early PunkNeat Neat Neat
Early PunkGod Save the Queen
Early PunkLondon Calling
Early PunkSonic Reducer
Power MetalRock You Like a Hurricane
Power MetalPainkiller
Power MetalDeath Alley Driver
Power MetalBalls to the Wall
Power MetalWarriors of the World
Power MetalHoly Diver
Power MetalArpeggios From Hell
Power MetalI Want Out
Power MetalValhalla
Power MetalLast Man Standing
Power MetalFighting the Darkness
Pop MetalBang Your Head (Metal Health)
Pop MetalJump
Pop MetalIs This Love
Pop MetalRocket
Pop MetalThe Final Countdown
Pop MetalAlone Again
Pop MetalLisa
Pop MetalRound and Round
Pop MetalSweet Child o' Mine
Pop MetalSeventeen
Pop MetalHeaven
Pop MetalWarrior Soul
Pop MetalI Believe in a Thing Called Love
GenreBandSong Title
New Wave of British Heavy MetalAce of Spades
New Wave of British Heavy MetalPrincess of the Night
New Wave of British Heavy MetalThe Trooper
New Wave of British Heavy MetalSweet Danger
New Wave of British Heavy MetalRace with the Devil
New Wave of British Heavy MetalSpellbound
Original HardcoreFor My Family
Original HardcoreWorld War 3
Original HardcoreTroops of Tomorrow
Original HardcoreBig Takeover
Original HardcoreBullet
Original HardcoreSick Boy
Original HardcoreNever Again
Original HardcoreHoliday in Cambodia
Original HardcoreIn My Eyes
First Wave of Black MetalBlack Metal
First Wave of Black MetalA Fine Day to Die
First Wave of Black MetalThe Witches Dance
First Wave of Black MetalMonotheist
Stoner MetalDeath Penalty
Stoner MetalCome Touch the Sky
Stoner MetalSolitude
Stoner MetalMidnight Mountain
Stoner MetalOne Inch Man
Stoner MetalLincoln Brewster
Thrash MetalOne
Thrash MetalDisciple
Thrash MetalGot the Time
Thrash MetalSymphony of Destruction
Thrash MetalBonded by Blood
Thrash MetalIronbound
Thrash MetalViolent Revolution
Thrash MetalCurse the Gods
Thrash MetalMarines
Thrash MetalOver the Wall
Thrash MetalCritical Mass
Thrash MetalUltra Violence
Thrash MetalCowboys From Hell
Thrash MetalTerritory
Thrash MetalIn Your Face
Death MetalThe Exorcist
Death MetalScream Bloody Gore
Death MetalGod of Emptiness
Death MetalSlowly We Rot
Death MetalHomage for Satan
Death MetalHammer Smashed Face
Death MetalDawn of Possession
Death MetalDeathmask
Death MetalSarcophagus
Death MetalHomicidal Retribution
MetalcoreYou Can't Bring Me Down
MetalcoreThrash Zone
MetalcoreDestroy Everything
MetalcoreOption Paralysis
Hard AlternativeMidlife Crisis
Hard AlternativeStop
Hard AlternativeRude Awakening
Hard AlternativeCult of Personality
Hard AlternativeTonight Tonight
Hard AlternativeGuerrilla Radio
GrindcoreGreed Killing
GrindcoreBlack Breath
GenreBandSong Title
GrindcoreMatter of Splatter
GrindcoreReligion is Fear
GrindcoreSugar Daddy
Industrial MetalTheives
Industrial MetalMore Human than Human
Industrial MetalStreetcleaner
Industrial MetalThe Good Soldier
Industrial MetalArchetype
Industrial MetalThe Fight Song
Industrial MetalDirthouse
GrungeThe Talking Horse
GrungeBlack Hole Sun
GrungeHere Comes Sickness
GrungeSmells Like Teen Spirit
GrungeMan in the Box
Goth MetalErased
Goth MetalCain
Goth MetalSon of the Staves of Time
Goth MetalBlack No. 1
Goth MetalFor My Fallen Angel
Goth MetalLost Control
Goth MetalSiren
Goth MetalForsaker
Goth MetalThe Leper Affinity
Swedish Death MetalSoulless
Swedish Death MetalChief Rebel Angel
Swedish Death MetalSlaughter of the Soul
Swedish Death MetalThe One Insane
Swedish Death MetalDreaming in Red
Swedish Death MetalNemesis
Swedish Death MetalWeapon of Vanity
Swedish Death MetalArtifacts of the Black Rain
Swedish Death MetalFinal Resistance
Swedish Death MetalThe Flood
Norweigan Black MetalAnti
Norweigan Black MetalUnder a Funeral Moon
Norweigan Black MetalBlashrykh
Norweigan Black MetalCarving a Giant
Norweigan Black MetalEmpty
Norweigan Black MetalMother North
Norweigan Black MetalThe Watcher
Norweigan Black MetalThe Serpentine Offering
Norweigan Black MetalTemptation
Nu-MetalFreak on a Leash
Nu-MetalBefore I Forget
Nu-MetalBehind Blue Eyes
Nu-MetalI Stand Alone
Nu-MetalBig Truck
New Wave of American MetalRedemption
New Wave of American MetalNow You've Got Something to Die For
New Wave of American MetalConvalescence
New Wave of American MetalResurrection
New Wave of American MetalMy Last Serenade
New Wave of American MetalBlack Hearts Now Reign
New Wave of American MetalAntihero

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