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Forced Order
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That's amazing, Jeremy, but I'm gonna go home now and fart into a shoe box.
Oh God! He turned it sideways! KILL SHOT
...And will you, for the love of God, put on a **** shirt?
Now you get up there and work that pole like a Russian immigrant.
Oh my God! The bald and crazy gay couple date. **** my pants, we forgot our gay couple dinner.
Oh my god, if I knew anything about Will.I.Am, I'd be really psyched right now!
Hey, zip your face!
Why is it so bright out here? It's supposed to be dark and seedy. Give a 40 year old stripper-slash-mom a break.
If we are going to pay this much for crab it better sing and dance and introduce us to the Little Mermaid!
I don't want the kids to live with your mother. She's awful
We are the Triplehorns
Three guys at once? That's a nightmare. That is literally a recurring stress dream that I have. I can only think of jobs for two. Oh, no, I got it.'

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