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I wake up in the morning and it comes back to you. I breath in I breath out it comes back to you.sixx:am
Baby when I think about you, I think about love.bad company
A lonley road crossed another coldstate line.Miles away from those I love.avenged sevenfold
And i now find whats left behind, has served to make wholedream theater
Im a rolling thunder, a pouring rain, Im comin on like a hurricaneacdc
Im ripped across the ditch and settled in the dirtslipknot
I took the city bout one A.M. Loaded, Loadedjudas priest
As the lights are growing dim, freezing cold,slowly fading away.elvenking
Mama take a good look at your boy,face a man without a souldfirewind
Im coming home. I've been gone for far to long. Do you remember me at all?bullet for my valentine
Im following the mistress of night. Through the gates of snow we'll fly.wintersun
There is no escape thats for suremetallica
If your feeling down depressed and lonely. I know a place we can goiron maiden
At sunrise we'll all dance the hempen jigalestorm
Its a color I can not show.When i could easier pose.But you probably knew I was lostchildren of bodam

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