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Can you name the songs by The Who that have had exactly one letter in the title changed?

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ClueChanged TitleActual Title
I've look under chairs, I've look under tables. I try to find a glimpse of what my parents got me for Christmas.
Do you really think I care if you're rich or if you're poor? I want you to give all your money to the band.
My dreams, they aren't as empty as my hair is aquamarine.
While the parents are out, she'll watch the kids AND jam out to the Bee Gees.
After being forced to shoot free throws one too many times, he'll pick up his ball and play...
Don Vito seems to have got behind on his garbage cleanup.
I don't mind other guys banging on my drums. That's fine, as long as they treat them well.
I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise. I know that you have 'cause there's street performers in my eyes.
ClueChanged TitleActual Title
Can you see? The Who is actually a shade of blue!
It's dead, they say, but it's probably just lost in the wash.
An intergalactic bounty hunter's ditty, would he sing, 'It's only Tatooine wasteland'?
A soldier at thirteen, and an acrobat is he.
No matter how I protest, my mother refuses to believe I'm actually a plaything, not a girl.
If you're water sliding in one of these, hopefully it's round, not straight and narrow.
Well, there ain't no cure for this lost detective.
He says he can cure this boy who is deaf, dumb, and...boring?

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