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Can you name the ATOE Heroes?

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TitleCharacter Arch Enemy
The Police Inspector Vampire
The School Teacher Werewolf
The Soldier Horseman
The Outlaw Scarecrow
The Playwright Banshee
The Noble Woman Bog Fiend
The Courier Gargoyle
The DrifterEldritch
The Pastor Ghost Ship
The Captain Dreamweaver
The Witch Hunter Siren
The Eternal Ghoul
The Master Hunter Necromancer
The Lost Soul Reaper
The Doctor Dryad
The SmugglerNutcracker
The Traveler Shadow Witch
TitleCharacter Arch Enemy
The Inventor Jiang-Shi
The Child Wraith
The Vigilante Mummy
The Bright Witch Demon Samurai
The Privateer Dhampyr
The DiplomatZombie
The StudentGolem
The LordMerman
The MatriarchDemon Bee
The SurgeonAlien
The Midwife Catwoman
The DeaconSasquatch
The MagistrateFrankenstein
The MayorMakai
The HarbormasterKing Kong
The WidowGodzilla
The GunslingerLich

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