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Forced Order
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polka-playing medical examiner
Harry's first love
wielder of Esperacchius
wielder of Fidelacchius
wielder of Amoracchius
head of the Nickelheads
Harry's cat
Harry's dog
the Denarian in the coin Harry picked up
head of the White Council
secretary of the White Council
Harry's mentor
Harry's girlfriend who was half-turned into a vampire
Murphy's first partner
Murphy's second partner
Marcone's red-headed bodyguard
Marcone's Amazonian security consultant
Thomas' love
The angel who gave Harry access to Soulfire
The pixie who helps Harry in exchange for pizza
spirit medium and ectomancer
Summer Queen
Summer Lady (first)
Summer Lady (second)
Summer Knight
Winter Queen
Winter Lady
Winter Knight
Winter Emissary
priest who helps Michael and Harry sometimes
Harry's godmother
Michael's wife
Harry's apprentice
The Hellhound, the Archive's bodyguard
Captain of the Wardens
Harry's master and first teacher
Harry's skull
the tyrannosaurus from the Field Museum
the Gatekeeper
head of the werewolf pack
girlfriend of the head of the werewolf pack
owner of McAnally's
Thomas Raith's youngest sister
the Warden who followed Harry while he was under the Doom of Damocles
the young Regional Commander of LA
head of SI after Murphy
Michael's youngest child
Denarian with blades for hair
Mantis Girl
Madam of the Velvet Room and member of the Red Court

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