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trivia quiz
 What is Cartman's pig called?
 What do the future people steal from South Park?
 Who's ninja weapon is a ninja throwing star?
 When Butter's mum goes mad, what colour does she paint the walls?
 Who does Mr Slave leave Mr Garrison for?
 What hobby of Butters killed 9 people?
 Who is Cartmans favourite director?
 what does Mr Garrisons penis get mutated onto?
 Who voiced Stan's gay dog, Sparky?
 What is Michael Jackson's alias?
 When there is no internet, what does Randy miss most?
 Who are the writers of family guy, according to south park?
 According to Cartman, who caused 9/11?
trivia quiz
 Who do Terrance and Phillip marry?
 Who does Cartman fool he is a robot named AWESOM-O?
 When Wendy breaks up with Stan, who is her next boyfriend?
 What is the name of the boyband the boys form?
 What song does Stan 'Serve' with?
 When Cartman drinks Kenny's ashes, what does he mistake it for?
 When Butters is dressed as a girl, what is 'her' name?
 Who is Butter's girlfriend who works at raisons?
 What is Kyle's geeky cousin called?
 Who's company is 'Stupid-spoilt-****'?
 Who is banned from being a Scout leader?
 Who is the mayor sleeping with?

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