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QUIZ: Can you name the following described things related to BBC's Merlin?

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Forced Order
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ABradley James' character
BThe flower that poisoned (13) can only be found in the forest of...
CThe most unusual kingdom of all times
DWhat is Uther to (1) is what Balinor is to (13)
EThe Changeling was Princess...
FThe day before the day that the episodes air
GMiriam Margolyes' character
HThe man who captured Gwen in Season 2
I(1)'s mother
JThe slave trader that captures (1) and (13) in season 5
KMorgana's portrayer
LRupert Young's character
M(1)'s best friend
NMichelle Ryan's character
OThe knight the thug Dagr became in Season 3
PThe knight that challenges the Black Knight before (1) in Season 1
QAnnis, Guinevere and Igraine are all...
RSefa's father, aka the Druid who is allied with Morgana in the opening two-parter of Season 5
SLancelot's portrayer
TThe sorcerer that (13) encountered in the Crystal Cave
U' What is made cannot be...' - The Great Dragon (Excalibur)
VThe knight with the magical snakes
WAredian's occupation (Hint: Season 2 Episode 7)

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