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Can you name the horror songs of Vocaloid with my hints?

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Rin and Len want Miku's heart - literallyRin, Len and Miku
Yandere-Miku kills for her beloved one - and himMiku
The creepy parody of MeltdownRin, Luka, Miku and Kaito
The immortal, orphan children like to play and who loses, diesLuka and Miku
There's a chainsaw and a cut in half kidMiku
The title has numbers that aren't actually mentioned in the songMiku
Choose a torture and Cinderella is a cabbageMeiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len and Luka
Respect the ants, creepy antsRin
Bullied people become insects, that's what I learnedMiku
Preparations for the dark circus and every night, one person is removedMiku
A deformed lady, two heads one body and a man with a brain of a dogMeiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin and Len
I guess it's based on a creepypasta/theory of a tv show for kidsLuka/Kaai Yuki
Is this rape or cannibalism or.. I don't know, but rated 18+Miku and Gumi
A girl captured and forced to devour people and someone shouldn't take an umbrella?Miku and Gumi
666, there is actually a creepypasta for that oneRin
I love sweets but not the eyes of puppys!Miku
Yandere-Meiko is... yandereMeiko
A nun that lost her virginity, aborts her child and is reminded by her periodLuka
Miku wants to get rid of Luka but somehow this failsMiku and Luka
A horrible amusement park with a landscape full of tragedy, not even a bit wonderful!Miku

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