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Can you name the X-men characters

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Charles Xavier
Max Eisenhardt
Scott Summers
Bobby Drake
Warren Worthington III
Hank McCoy
Jean Grey
Calvin Rankin
Kevin Sydney
Lorna Dane
Alex Summers
Kurt Wagner
James 'logan' Howlett
Ororo Monroe
Peter Rasputin
Sean Cassidy
Shiro Yoshida
John Proudstar
Kitty Pryde
Alison Blaire
Anna Marie
*From the mojoverse, has good luck*
Betsy Braddock
*Group mechanic*
Sam Guthrie
Roberta Da Costa
Xi'an Coy Manh
Rahne Sinclair
Daniel Moonstar
Amara Aquilla
Illyana Rasputin
Douglas Ramsay
Julio Richter
Tabitha Smith
Nathan Summers
James Proudstar
Remy LeBeau
Jubilation Lee
Lucas Bishop
Neal Shaara
Emma Frost
Kuan-Yin Xorn
Jonothon Starsmore
Miranda Leevald
Heather Cameron
Davis Cameron
Jean Paul Beaubier
Paige Guthrie
Josh 'Jay' Guthrie
Karima Shapandar
Regan Wyngarde
Victor Creed
Hisako Ichiki
Megan Gwynn
James Bradley
Madison Jeffries
Charlie-Cluster 7
Wade Wilson
Laura Kinney
Hope Summers
David Haller
Clarice Ferguson
Angelica Jones
David Alleyne
Noriko Ashida
Josh Foley
Sooraya Qadir
Victor Borkowski
Santo Vaccarro
Julian Keller
Cessily Kincaid
Quentin Quire
Purple dragon exiled to Earth, usually with shadowcat
Has a Techno organic body, made friends with Doug Ramsay

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