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Can you name the characters in the walking dead tv series

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Main character
Main characters ex-best friend
Second in command, redneck
Main characters ex-wife
Ex pizza delivery boy, 'short round'
Greene daughter, pizza boys fiance/wife
Slept with the governor, bitten by Milton
Main characters son
Has an RV, was ripped open
Has a katana
Rednecks brother, he's a racist...but an awesome one!
Evil, has an eye patch
Burns the ill people, kicked out of the group
Had his head chopped of, moral compass
Bitten saving carol, beaten up by merle
Youngest Greene daughter
Awful shot, awesome with a hammer
Sister of the awful shot
Goes missing in season 2, found as a walker in the barn
Shot Carl
Bitten in the arm, left by a tree
Commited suicide with Jenner
Mexican, left group with his family, awful actor
Andreas sister, bitten in the neck
Annoying, neck snapped by Shane
Woodbury member, awesome, killed by the Governor with a pit of walkers
Woodbury scientist
Prisoner, shot in the head by the Governor
Awesome prisoner, shot in Woodbury. Should of lasted longer
New doctor in season 4, alchoholic
First survivor Rick encounters
First survivors son
Beths ex-boyfriend, bitten in the RV
Otis' ex-wife, bitten while running away from farm with Beth
Woodbury member, only ever talked a few times
Used to be in Tyreeses group, joined Woodbury, killed by the Governor
Son of the man who used to be in Tyreeses group, killed by Merle
Wife of the man who used to be in Tyreeses group, killed early on
Likes to name the walkers
Sister of the girl who likes to name the walkers
Shot by Oscar, tries to take the prison back from Ricks group
Sliced in the head by Rick
Killed by other prisoner after he was scratched
Member of Woodbury, dubbed as 'evil Glenn'
Member of Woodbury, has a headband
Burned by Carol after getting the infection
Member of woodbury, killed by the Governor
Killed by Maggie straight after Daryl and Merles 'fight to the death'
The daughter of the Governor
Got infection, left on bus after the Governors attack on the prison
Shoots the Governor in the head
Sister of the woman who shoots the Governor in the head, lesbian
Daughter of the woman who shoots the Governor
Father of the woman who shoots the Governor
Has glasses, dies from mysterious infection
Dies in the big spot saving Bob
The pig
Good sniper, shot in the Governors attack
Dies from mysterious infection, was a doctor
Drives a tank
Brother of the guy who drives a tank
Girlfriend of the lesbian, shot by Lizzie
Lil ass kicker/ lil Shane
Shot in bar
Shot in bar, fat

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