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Can you name the characters in the walking dead comic series

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Main character
Main characters best friend
Second in command, cheats on Carol
Second in command, cheats on Rosita
Main characters son
Ricks wife
She's with Rick now, good shot
Is a good friend of lucille, by 'good friend' i mean he had his skull bashed in by lucille
Awesome, known as 'jesus'
Sophia's guardian
Carols daughter
Maggies dad
Maggies brother
Leg eaten by the hunters, was bitten
Is a badass with a katana
First survivor Rick encounters
First survivors son, deceased
Sleeps with Billy....then commits suicide
Bitten on the arm, dies by tree
Stupidly makes friends with Dexter
Shot in the head by the governor
Eye patch, one arm, douchebag
Doctor, shot by the Governor
Betrays Rick, strangled to death
Abraham cheats on.... (thats literally the only thing i can say about this character)
Is a priest and a coward
Gets supplies for alexandria
The doctor of alexandria
Hates Rick, Negan says he 'has no guts', but was proven wrong
The dad of the guy who hates Rick
The mother of the guy who hates Rick
Twins, ones a psycho, ones the victim
Dad of the wierd twins, bitten in the leg
Mother of the wierd twins, bitten in the face
Hershels oldest son
Hershels oldest daughter
Hershels twins
Baby, crushed by Lori
Tyreeses daughter
Tyreeses daughters boyfriend, douchebag
Patricias ex boyfriend
Bald prisoner, tattoo on his head
Prisoner, runs away from the group
Prisoner, attempts to kill Andrea
Kills the Governor
Daughter of the Governor
Gay, gets Ricks group to join alexandria
Gay guys boyfriend, shot in the head
Abrahams second girlfriend, bites Denise
Looks after the supplies
Beard and sunglasses, dies pretty early on in alexandria
Heaths ex- best friend , dead
Leader of construction crew
Got a pretty neat mustache
Sleeps with Rick, ex-husband abused her
Abused his wife
Bitten, son of abused woman
Would totally screw Lucille if she was a woman, villain
Crossbow and burned face
Leader of the hilltop, coward and self obsessed
Guard of the hilltop, asian. almost betrayed Jesus in a panic
Other guard of the hilltop
Helps Maggie when she is mourning over Glenns grave
Tries to kill Rick on the hilltop
The leader of the hunters
The 'kings' head guard, is killed in all out war
The doctor in woodbury, liked by Alice, killed by walker

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