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Main character
His partner, b*tch!
Main characters wife, possibly most hated character
Brother in law, DEA agent
Main characters wifes sister
Main characters son, has cerebral palsy
Better call ....!
Los Pollos manager, if he has a box cutter, don't let him near you
Tough guy, grandfather, shot by Walt
Discount Matt Damon, killed by main characters partner
Poisoned with Ricin
Choked to death on her own vomit, Jesse wakes up and finds her dead
Main characters partners second girlfriend, they meet in rehab
Main characters partners good friend, although he threatened Jesse with a crossbow...
Skinny, always wears a beanie hat
Has really small mohawk, was shot by kid on bike
Son of main characters partners second girlfriend
Main characters partners second girlfriends younger brother, shoots guy with really small mohawk
Works for the DEA, good friend of main characters brother in law
Shot by Jesse, good knowledge of chemistry
First real villain main character encounters
Heavy breather, head of security for (better call....)
His head was on a tortoise!
Responsible for a crazy plane accident
Major villain, shot by main characters brother in law
Younger brother of main characters partner
Victim of the box cutter of doom!
Main character says he donated his money to his treatment
Main character says she donated her money to his treatment
Skyler has an office affair with....
Main characters baby daughter
Woman addicted to drugs, good friend of Jesses
One of villains bodyguards, dies hiding a body in the junkyard
Villain beats this guy to death for no good reason in the junkyard

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