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Who was the first astronaut on the moon?
What are the 4 inner planets?
What are the 4 outer planets?
How far is earth from the sun? (In KM)
What is the biggest planet?
What is the moon called when you can't see any of it?
What is the moon called when you can see all of it?
Is Pluto considered a planet?
How many planets are there?
How many constellations are there?
How far is Pluto from the sun?
What is the diameter of Jupiter? (in KM)
How long is a Neptunes year? (In Earth years)
How many moons does Uranus have?
What are the names of the 2 moons Mars has?
What is the diameter of saturn? (In KM)
Do all planets have rings?
How many planets have rings?
Which planets have rings?
How many rings does Uranus have?

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