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a continuation of a soap opera, centered around a specific apartment complex
a group of doctors work in a rainy city
a rude doctor is the best at what he does -- despite an alleged drug problem
beautiful newlywed helps spirits to cross over
follows a group of people since high school - a married couple with a kid (NBA star, singer/teacher), famous fashion designer, TV anchorman
a man can differentiate between truth and lies by watching you speak
FBI agent paired with an incredibley smart and beautiful author (among other things); he teaches her about normal people
FBI agents tavel US to find serial killers, rapists, etc.
modern day vampire stories
very wealthy NY teens make bad decisions
group of detectives bring down the worst criminal offenders (a beautiful lady, a Jewish man, an old NARC, and an old Marine with anger issues)
new sci-fi show starring an old friend of Dawson's
woman helps police solve cases with her special gifts
chronicles a young super hero
another continued soap, this one known for its infamous zip code
a big family and their issues with politics, the war, drugs, etc.
unlikely group of people with super powers
people stuck on an island thanks to a plane crash
unit of police officers try to solve old cases
FBI agents try to find missing people

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