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Catherine, Cory, Carrie and Christopher Dollanganger all live in a small town where they are so attractive they are referred to as 'the dolls'.
Gayle was the beauty who believe that a man could make her world complete. Patricia was the intellectual who thought that rising to the top of her career would make her happy.
Stevie goes to college in the '70s and then to San Francisco, where she comes out, wavers about her sexuality, and finally allows herself to choose her lovers based on personality
Savannah Jackson, Bernadine Harris, Robin Stokes, and Gloria Matthews - residing in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1991. The women, who are all in their 30's, support each other
Lara Ardeche, perfect life and perfect parents. She soon came down with a metabolic disorder causing her to gain at least 100 pounds.
Massie, being the leader; Dylan; Alicia; and Kristen. These girls are trying to survive the seventh grade, and by doing it in style.
this bold, sassy tale of a successful woman's dramatic change of life and ideas when she begins a relationship with a younger man
Janie Crawford, a girl of mixed black and white heritage around the turn of the century. As an adolescent, Janie sees a bee pollinating a flower and becomes obsessed with true love

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