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1: I can drink 2: I get groomed 3: I go for a walkThe Pod
Breakfast at Shoney's At $2.9912 Golden Country Greats
Bringing it all together Doing it on my ownShinola, Vol. 1
But I went to see my mom in Ensenada And I left a little something to help the time go byWhite Pepper
Can I get a basket, I told you about a basket of chipsThe Pod
Can you climb the sunny peaks of a fortress in mud?The Pod
Counting days and building walls, bells ring so's to warn All the signs that guide usQuebec
Doodley baboo Doodley baboo Doodley baboo bow12 Golden Country Greats
Float away on a cotton ball We write songs about the cloudsGod Ween Satan: The Oneness
Got a weasel It's a teazel Mah pleazelGod Ween Satan: The Oneness
Hey, hey A billion miles to Mark AQuebec
I've got a real good feeling 'bout old Jimmy Wilson Sure enough, he's got what it takesThe Mollusk
I can feel you breathe. It's like a mega-weedge inside Please don't hideThe Pod
I do declare I can float in the airPure Guava
I guess it's somethin' in my brain I need whiskey to ease the pain12 Golden Country Greats
Laughing lady living lover Ooh, you sassy-frassy lassieThe Mollusk
Life at the top can be tough Sometimes you think you've seen enoughPure Guava
Love was meant to be Consumed by you and meGod Ween Satan: The Oneness
Maybe I'd sell you a chicken With poison interlaced with the meatChocolate and Cheese
Monsters that twinkle like cats in the nightThe Pod
Oh. Oh yeah. Baby. Hit me again! Stop itThe Pod
State this ache as the final breakPure Guava
Take the time, have some fun Go outside, make love in the sunShinola, Vol. 1
the voyage to the corner of the globe Is a real trip (trip trip trip trip trip)The Mollusk
The wind flows and it's blowing cold, and I'm still here Gripping onto what's not aroundThe Pod
Things that might go click with me Click with you Is that love?Pure Guava
What else you gonna say when while you're back on your stay Maybe something, maybe nothing, we'll seeChocolate and Cheese
You slimy little **** bitch ****God Ween Satan: The Oneness
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Created Sep 30, 2019ReportNominateIcon Source: ween
Tags:Album Quiz, Song Quiz, Ween

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