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The VerbHangeul Answer
To be annoyed
To be brave
To be dry
To be embarrassed
To be slow
To be obvious
To be impossible
To be reckless
To be safe / unharmed
To be meaningless
To be persistent
To be constant
To be terrible / awful
To be incessant
To be left behind
To be solved
To be irresponsible
To be tranquil
To be agonizing
To be slippery
To be endless
To be low
To be embarrassing
To be sensitive
To be slim / slender
To be nice (a nice person)
To be kind / friendly
To be sweet / affectionate
To be young / youthful
To be severe / harsh
To be confident
To be cruel / brutal
To be bland
To be precious / valuable
To be tire/troublesome
To be simple / convenient
To be straight / upright
To be fair / impartial
To be empty / hollow
To be poor / needy
To be extensive
To be excessive
To be distressed
To be full (from food)
To be wonderful / great
To be complicated
To be infeasible
To be ominous / foreboding
To be pitiful / pathetic
To be disappointed
To be hard / stiff
To be upset / annoyed
To be feasible
To be full / crammed
To be equal
To be rare
To be powerful
To be rough / coarse
To be anxious (have worries)
To be suitable
To be fierce / intense
To be luxurious
To be hot / stinging
To be clear / distinct
To be at a loss
To be soon / before long
To be in a hurry / busy
To be serious / grave / severe
To be hot (objects)
To be inexpensive
To be transparent
To be new
To be short / brief
To be chilly
To be corny / basic bitch
To be in the state of hanging / trapped / catch a cold / take time
To be screwed (****)
To be clever
To be significant
To be important
To be complicated
To be enough / sufficient
To be not enough / lacking
To be familiar / close with
To be delicate
To be juvenile
To be few
To be exact
To be detailed / specific
To be graceful
To be naïve / innocent
To be worthy of
To be pregnant

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