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Can you name the Korean Action Verbs?

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The VerbHangeul Answer
To not do
To throw
To rest
To run
To steal
To boil
To wash
To break
To fix
To win
To lose(defeat)
To introduce
To admit
To oppose
To agree
To decide
To hide(object)
To cut; sever
To light; burn
To escape
To prevent
To belong to
To order someone
To gaze; stare
To hang up the phone
To yell
The VerbHangeul Answer
To shout out
To open one’s eyes
To close one’s eyes
To cover; conceal
To suffer
To endure
To undergo
To grow up
To stop
To bite
To boast
To realize
To kick
To make/earn money
To stand up
To begin
To pick up
To experience
To take hold
To get rid of
To leave behind
To give birth to/produce
To move
To hide(yourself)
To point / indicate
To miss (like a bus)
The VerbHangeul Answer
To lose / be deprived of
To save (someone)
To mean something
To smash / sober up
To cancel / revoke
To put out / switch off
To cherish
To clasp
To pass by
To show / reveal
To look around
To cross (over)
To consider
To pull / take out
To observe / watch
To seek / get / rescue
To emphasize
To inconvenience
To confirm
To settle / solve
To quiver / tremble
To stay
To push
To arrange / organize
To happen / occur

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