Gaming Quiz / Pokemon Alphabet Foursomes (Gen I-V)

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QUIZ: Can you name the pokemon foursomes for each letter of the alphabet?

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A: Pokemon Ending in L
B: Gen II Move
C: Starter Pokemon
D: Pure Ground Type
E: Non-Damaging Move
F: Pure Water Type
G: Grass Move
H: Part-Flying Type Pokemon
I: Pokemon
J: Trainer Class
K: Part/Fully Bug Pokemon
L: Type of Berry
M: Gen III Ability
N: Night ___ (move)
O: Ability
P: Learns Screech through Level-Up
Q: Move
R: Fighting Move
S: In the Fairy Egg Group
T: Elite Four/Champion Pokemon
U: Non-Legendary Pokemon
V: Only Move of their Type
W: Cannot learn TMs
Y: Yellow Things
Z: Pokemon That Can Evolve

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