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Forced Order
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Catullus born
Vesuvius erupts
Herodotus dies
Domitian dies
'Pro Caelio' deliveredApril 4th
J. Caesar assassinated
Herodotus' 'Histories' written
Euripides dies
Propertius dies(BC)
Ionian Revolt
Catullus dies
Tacitus born
Caligula dies
Tiberius dies
Aristophanes born
Bisitun Inscription
Cicero dies
Augustus dies(AD)
Titus dies
Cicero born
Pliny the Younger dies
'The Bacchae' performed at City Dionysia1st place
Virgil born
Burning of Sardis
Claudius dies
First Persian Invasion (Marathon)
Tacitus' 'Annals' written
'Frogs' performed at the Lenaia1st place
Virgil dies(BC)
Nero dies
Pompeian Earthquake
Year of the Four EmperorsGalba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian
Petronius' 'Satyricon' written
Pliny the Younger born
Tacitus' 'Histories' written
'Cynthia Monobiblos' published(Propertius, 'Elegies' I) (BC)
Petronius dies
Aristophanes dies
Juvenal's 'Satires' written
Civil Wars end
Vespasian dies
Herodotus born
Second Persian Invasion(Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea)
'Persae' performed at City Dionysia1st place
Euripides born

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