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Can you name the obscure clerical vestments?

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DescriptionVestmentExtra info.
Long shirt from under hem of alb. Pope at High Mass.(RC)
A long woven cord to cinch the alb at the waist.(Orthodox Zone)
Preaching scarf. Black, and in form of a stole.(Anglican)
Outermost sacramental garment of deacons.
Outermost sacramental garment of priests and bishops.Orthodox 'phelonion'
Similar to a broad maniple. Suspended from right-hand side of cincture.(RC) Worn by Pope.
Similar to a surplice, but with thinner sleevesBishops and Canons
A narrow band woven of white lamb's wool from sheep raised by Trappist monks. Resembles Y front and back. 6 black crosses.(RC)
DescriptionVestmentExtra info.
Liturgical handkerchief bound about the wrist, and used only during the Mass.(Fell out of use in the 1970s)
Soft square-shaped hat.(Anglican)
Skull cap.Bishops, Cardinals, Pope
Double-layered mozetta shawl of Pope.(RC)
Bishop's knee-length open-front waistcoat. Red/black(Anglican)
A circular cape reaching to the ankle.
Square cap wih 3 or 4 peaks, sometimes with tuft.

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