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QUIZ: Can you name the Degrassi TNG character?

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Prettiest girl on the showAmazing singer
'Bad boy'Lived with brother
The school ****Tried to steal someones boyfriend
Always trying to save the earthStepdad works at degrassi
Had an abustive boyfriendPlus size model
Failed English more than onceworks at the dot
Cut herself Bestfriends with Ashley
Lost ability to walkPlays basketball
In love with AshleyHad an abusive father
Class clownGets stabbed
Abusive Brought gun to school
Popular spirit squadGot raped
Ashley's step brotherJT's best friend
Was rapedCut herself
Dated SpinnerCheated on Spinner
GayBestfriends with Ellie
Convinced Sean to stealBad infulence
Lesbian with Paige'bad girl'
Baby named Isabelladated JT
Smart overachieverIn love with JT
Dated JimmyBestfriends with Paige
Rich and prettyKissed her brother
Nickname SnakeWorks at Degrassi
Spinner's sisterDated Toby

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