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The quote:
'Sitting under the palm, all day long'
'I'm recording a video of you and sending it to my friends. They don't believe you're real.'
'All day, every day, every hour! I've got a chicken nugget in my pocket now.'
'Don't think you're special or unique.'
'Then who is this in a penguin suit repeating my name over and over again?'
'This isnt word association. It's math. Think about it!'
'Can i have 30 large fromage cheese pizzas?'
'Snake eyes, bitches!'
'No, and that's offensive to Asian people.'
'How random would it be if we both had curly red hair?'
The quote:
'Its FTW; its for the wolf.'
'Because you pale in comparison to Sarah.'
'My regular fly, or my butt fly? '
'Where are you going? To get laid? Get me one?'
'You can use coins to by anything you know. They're not vending machine specific.'
'Easy, Asain, cause i'm good at math'
'Jake... QQ do you know how magic works? I think my cousin is a wizard.'
'Oh sheesh y'all, t'was a dream.'
'March madness, fever, and pneumonia!'
'You're the one bright spot in my otherwise dismal life.'

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