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This US president is sworn into office for the 4th time in his career. Sadly, he died later that year due to cerebral hemmorhage.
On June 1st of 1945, the British take control of two Middle Eastern Countries. Name one of them.
On May 23rd, 1945 this head of the SS killed himself with a cyanide pill.
This country is established by Ho Chi Minh on September 2nd, 1945.
These two cities are decimated by two separate atomic blasts.
This declaration is issued which calls for the surrender of all Japanese forces.
The United States senate ratifies this organizations charter and becomes the third country to join this organization dedicated to maintaining peace.
This is the code name for the first nuclear test.
This country is declared liberated from Japan on July 5th. This country is located in Southeast Asia and has an island called Luzon.
The USSR takes control of this major Polish city on January 17th.
This major battle in the Pacific theater of WWII takes place on February 23rd.This battle has a well-known photograph related to it depicting an American flag.
Ahmad Mahir Pasha was the prime minister of this country before he was assassinated.
This European country declares war on the Axis on March 3rd.
Adolf Hitler died on April 30th by shooting himself in the head. On the same day, his wife killed herself by ingesting this.
On September 12th, the Japanese Army surrenders to the British in this Southeast Asian country.
George Albert Smith becomes the president of this christian denomination.
This event starts on November 20th, 1945. This event tries Nazi war criminals.
On December 27th, 28 nations sign an accord that creates this institution.
On November 16th, this man is elected unanimously as President of France.
This country occupies the northern part of Korea.

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