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In Africa, 1 of the top 10 most populated countries, and is affected by a terrorist group.
2nd most populated Asian country, Contains a large marble tomb, and borders more than 3 countries.
Only non-constitutional monarchy in Europe, Has an a in its name, and does not collect taxes.
Borders one country, is considered part of Oceania, and contains a vast variety of animal and plant life.
Has the oldest reigning monarch as of 2015, located in Southeast Asia, and is bigger than Taiwan.
The only communist country outside of Asia, is an island, and was led by Fidel Castro at some point in time.
Contains the Andes Mountains, contains the Atacama Desert, and the current president as of 2015 is Michelle Bachelet Jeria
The least densely populated country on the planet, and bordered by 2 countries.
Part of the G4, borders all, but 2 countries in its continent, and is the 5th most populated nation on the planet.
Owns Greenland, borders only one country, and is located in Europe.

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