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Can you name the Hunger Games characters by tweet?

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I hope my token brings Katniss luck.
Sure I'll spend the night with you--all it will cost is a little secret. Everyone has a secret, right?
I can't believe I got assigned to the contestants from District 12. They're always so shabby--how will I ever impress the Capitol?
Just for the record, I mean every word I say about Katniss. I'm not just playing this for the cameras.
The dress is finished--wait until she spins!
Wondering if Katniss understood why I showed her my watch--it's not just pretty. Will she get it in time?
I don't know how to feel--I'm grateful Katniss took my place, but am so frightened for her.
I'm just hiding until Katniss catches up. I can't believe she wanted me for an ally. Wait, footsteps...
I may be their mentor, but I don't have to care. Pass me another drink.
Ah, fresh dog--I can make a great stew with this.
I knew there'd be trouble but I just couldn't let the Peacekeeper keep whipping Gale. And I'm not sorry.
I can haz goat's milk?
OMG! Making Katniss beautiful makes me want to change my hair color again!
Nobody understands--without me, Panem would fall to pieces. I will not allow Katniss Everdeen to undo our hard work!
You think I'd use children in that way? Come on, I'm a leader of the resistance. You don't believe I'd do that, do you?
I'll display my body and act any way I choose--there's nobody left for them to use against me.
The berries! Great, I'll eat their food! Sucks for them!
Hmmm--lightning means electricity, and with some wire I can make something here.
Can Katniss really love him? I'm going hunting so I can stop thinking about it.

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