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19377 little men.
1940Long Nose
1940Mickey Mouse
1941Flying Elephant
1942The enemy is Man
1949A Toad and a Man
1950Glass Slipper
1951Girl falls down a hole
1953Flying Children
1955A mongrel and a cocker spaniel
1959princess falls asleep
1961spotty puppies
1963Nobody can remove the sword from the stone
1964Famous Nanny
1967An orphan boy grows up in the jungle
1970A bunch of cats get thrown away
1973Outlaws in Sherwood forest
1977a bear in the hundred ache wood
1977Two mice rescue an orphan girl Penny
1981Copper and Todd, unlikely friends
1988About an orphan kitten set in New York City
1989About a red headed mermaid
1990Set in the australian outback where a boy called cody befriends a golden eagle
1991About a girl who loves to read and a heartless prince.
1992Genie in a lamp
19932 Dogs and a Cat go on a long adventure
1994The Circle of Life
1995Toys come to life
1995Main character: native american
1996A bell ringer
1996the second squeal to aladdin
1997Based on a legendary greek mythology
1998She impersonates a man to battle against the Hun army
1998The circle of life continued
1998A group of ants fighting grasshoppers
1999a man who lives in the jungle and falls in love with a woman called jane
1999featuring woody, buzz and jesse
2000Tigger searching for his family tree
2000The main protagonist is Aladar, a dinosaur raised by lemars
2000with one more puppy called oddball
2001a puppy who wants to be a wild dog
2002a little girl and an alien
2003a man turned into a bear
20043 dairy cows save their farm
2005A little chicken
2006Radiator Springs
2006second pirate film.
2007a rat who wants to be a chef
2009A prince transformed into a frog by an evil magician.

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