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Ross's Sister
His middle name is Muriel
Got a Hockey puck thrown in his face
Works at Ralph Lauren
Lived on the streets
Runs central perk
False leg
The sister of Joey, Chandler kisses
Monica and Ross' Mum
Monica and Ross' Dad
Rachel and Ross' Daughter
Ross' Ex-Wife who is a Lesbian
Lesbian lover
Ross's son
Eye Doctor
He wanted to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion
Got scared by a wedding dress
gets married in the street
The love of Phoebe's life
Phoebe's Mother
Joey's pregnant sister
Rachels sister
Rachels sister
Small and punches alot
She is Bald
Wants to send out Holiday Cards
Rachel's Ex-Best friend
Joey's agent
Joey and Ross both date her
Noble prize winner
Joey's Dancer Roomate
Chandlers crazy roomate
Lives downstairs but dies
The building superintendent
Richards Son
Phoebe's Brother
'Friends' watch him from the window
Has a drinking problem
Ross' Ex-Wife
In the I hate Rachel Club
Joey's Bridesmaid
One of the triplets
One of the triplets
One of the Triplets
Has a weird relationship with his sister aka Yeti
Cheated on Joey with Chandler
Chandler didn't want her to date 3 other guys
Chandlers mum
Joeys Dad
He has an affair on Joeys mum with
Chandlers and Joeys pets
Mother to the triplets
Phoebe's dad
Bruce Willis portrays him
Ross dates her, a student
Assitant at Ralph Lauren
She gives her Babies up for Adoption
Young student who Monica dates
Rachels Boss
Rachels italian boyfriend
Phoebes Twin
Xerox girl
Joey's Stalker
She 'isn't Rachel'
In a play with Joey, but ends up moving away
Looks exactly like Ross
Phoebe Ex-Singing Partner
Phoebes Policeman Boyfriend
Monica and Ross' auntie who dies
Rachel freaky date played by Ben Stiller
Rachels Boss who Chandler sleeps with and is hit by a bus
Rachels dog
Monica Imaginary friend
Yeti's sister
Chandlers Boss
Rachels smoking boss
Pizza delivery girl who Ross trys to flirt with
Phoebe's ethusiastic date
Davids lab assitant
A guy who wants kill himself but Phoebe stops him
Joeys Armchair
Monica and Ross' Cousin
Rachels old friend who kisses her
Sous Chef Phoebe dates
Rachel dates Day of our lives star while pregnant
Guy who was with Ursula but dates Phoebe
According to Phoebe 'Monica's Soulmate'
Emma's nanny and also a Lesbian
He covers for Rachel while she is on Maternity leave
Joeys stuffed Penguin
Phoebe and Monica's old friend
Monica and Chandler Adoption viewer and Joey had a one night stand with her
Mike's dog
Rachel breaks up with Ross because Ross is jealous of him
Monica and Chandlers Kids
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