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Can you name the Harry Potter A-Z (HARD)?

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Ability to change into an animalA
A wizarding school in FranceB
Electric blue, about 8 inches high with pointy faces and a shrill voiceC
Ability to remove yourself from somewhereD
Wizard cards that can explode at any timeE
When thrown into a fire it can transport a witch or wizard anywhere F
A muggle company that makes drills; Mr. Dursley works for this companyG
A little one-legged creature that looks like it is made of wisps of smoke; holds a lantern in it's hand and lures travelers into bogs.H
A cloak that makes anything beneath it invisibleI
Hufflepuff student who was petfrified in the second bookJ
Creepy water-dwellers that look like scaly monkeys with webbed handsK
When this word is uttered, the tip of your wand acts as a fairly powerful lightL
The spell that sends off the Dark MarkM
Nastily exhausting wizarding testsN
a test to test magical skillsO
Someone who can speak to and understand snakesP
A large red ball, about the size of a soccer ballQ
Nasty goblin like creatures that lurk wherever there had been bloodshedR
A wizard born without magical powersS
Cleans your teeth like flossT
An oath taken by a witch or wizard and if the vow is broken the witch or wizard who made the vow diesU
Spiky, dark red plant with long feelersV
Substitute teacher that took over for Care of Magical CreaturesW
Luna Lovegood's fatherX
Lockhart taught his second year class about this white furred creatureY
Joke shop in hogsmeadeZ

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